Lavender Essential Oil

Mona, Utah

Lavender essential oil is a favorite of people of all ages. Why? It is beneficial in so many ways, it doesn’t require a prescription, and it can be adjusted to meet your needs. It can be applied to your skin, inhaled, diffused, added to the bath or added to your favorite lotion or oils. It is most often used for relaxation, general healing and skin health. Lavender is commonly referred to as the “swiss army knife” of essential oils because it is so commonly used and it is the one you want to keep you in your tool belt at all times.


Simiane la Rotonde, France

Young Living has two Lavender fields. One in Mona, Utah and the other in Siminane-la-Rotonde, France. Each year Young Living offers an Annual Lavender ¬†Day to includes tours of the fields, distilleries, games and much more. In addition, the Lavender field is open to the public April-August and September-March. This is one of the key reasons I choose to use Young Living essential oils. I appreciate the care and love they give to growing the plants and the transparency they provide to the distributors and the public. The next time you go to use an essential oil, ask yourself this question, “Do I know where this plant was grown?” If you are using a Young Living essential oil, all you have to do is go online and you can determine exactly where and see pictures of the fields where the plant was grown.

I love to use Lavender in the bath, in my daily facial lotion, in a roller bottle mixture along with Lemon and Peppermint, in my night time mix and in my kitchen ready for any and all urgent needs. Using essential oils does not have to be complicated. Lavender is beneficial when slowly inhaled. You place the bottle under your nose, not too close, and take in a slow deep breath. The essential oil will travel up through your nose, through your sinuses and into the limbic system of your brain. Dr. Axe talks about the limbic system HERE. You will be fascinated at the amazing benefits from a simple and yet powerful step.

If you like to mix and make your own recipes, here are some ideas. One of the easiest is mixing in 1-3 drops of Lavender essential oil in a small cup of your favorite facial lotion. Mix Lavender with Cedarwood in your favorite Young Living diffuser for a powerful mix at bedtime.

Mix Lavender with Lemon and Peppermint in a roller bottle along with your favorite carrier oil (grapeseed, sweet almond or jojoba). Your roller bottle is ready for home use or travel. I carry mine in my purse 24/7. I roll it behind my ears to keep my sinuses and ears open and healthy. P.s. NEVER put an essential oil INSIDE your ears. I often pull it out and smell the roller bottle. It opens up my sinuses while also allowing me to feel relaxed.

My last and one of my favorite uses is mixing it with Epsom Salts and creating the most amazing baths.

I hope this has encouraged you to try Young Living essential oil and experience the powerful benefits for yourself. Remember that what you put on your skin, is the same as ingesting it. Choose and use the essential oil that is pure and high grade. Know where your essential oils are produced and how the plants are treated. You are worth it!


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