Door Prize Winner


Congratulations to the person that will receive the door prize I put together for a local business event.

In your package I enclosed 3 gifts. The first one is a car/closet deodorizer. I created a post on the ingredients and how I put it together. The deodorizer I made for you includes an oil called Stress Away. Read about the deodorizer HERE.    I provided you with a nice booklet which explains all of the oils from the Premium Starter Kit which includes Stress Away. If you want to read more about Stress Away, click HERE.

The second one is a Lavender solid lotion bar. I created a post on the ingredients and recipe for the solid lotion bar with essential oils. You can read the post here,


The third one is a bottle of homemade Thieves spray. I call it homemade Thieves spray because it is my homemade recipe. Young Living offers a bottle of Thieves spray which can be used on hands or grocery carts. My spray is made with only the Thieves essential oil and water. I like to use my spray on my hands, on grocery carts, in the air and I spray it at the back of my throat when it is not feeling well. I would not do that with the spray produced by Young Living. My motto is less is best. I have had good results with my spray and so have many other people that I have shared it with.

Thieves essential oil is made with 5 essential oils. You can find more information about the oil and the history of the name HERE.


Thank you for attending the local event. I hope you enjoy your essential oil goodies.

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