Customize Your Detergent


There are many detergents available in the store and online. Each person selects their detergent based on personal preferences. I am sensitive to scents so I usually chose one with no or little scent. The more detergent I purchased and the more loads of laundry I did for a growing family, the more I realized that I also wanted the safest detergent for my family. I did an internet search and quickly realized that with a few products available at the local store, I could make my own detergent. The most important thing to decide before selecting a recipe is if you want a powder or liquid detergent. A liquid detergent does involve a few more steps but totally worth it in the end.

I have not created these recipes. I am going to share the links from other websites. Yesterday, I made a liquid detergent that made one gallon. It was fast and easy to make and clean up. Below is a picture of a sample jar I am sharing with a group today. As you can see I had some technical difficulties with the label. It could look better. The worst part is that I didn’t include Lavender essential oil on the list of ingredients. Essential oils are a great way to customize your laundry detergent.

Go to the Live Simply  website for the super easy one gallon liquid laundry soap. The most work you have to do is heat water on the stove, stir, and pour. It is that easy. You will need 4 ingredients; Borax Soap, Washing Soda, Castille Soap and Essential Oils (optional). Be sure to add essential oils at the end after the mixture has completely cooled. Hot temperatures can cause the oils to break down. Warning: the laundry detergent will settle which results in mild coagulation or gel clumps. No worries. Simply gently shake the detergent which will break up the gel. Any gel not broken up is easily dissolved in the washing process.

Here is another website that offers a liquid laundry detergent recipe that makes a few gallons at a time. It comes from the website, Mrs. Happy Homemaker. This recipe is perfect when you have the time and space to make and fill several bottles. Speaking of bottles, I prefer to use large glass bottles such as olive oil bottles (cleaned out of course), and old milk jugs. However, I have been known to use old laundry detergent bottles and gallon distilled water jugs. Use the containers that you have and are easiest for pouring. There is no need to spend your time making detergent and then get frustrated each time you go to use it.

Last, I have a recipe for a powder detergent. It is from the Wellness Mama website. The hardest part about making a powder detergent is shredding the Fels Naptha soap. Today, I am going to a women’s network meeting where my friend is going to use a tool from her company that actually makes this process enjoyable. I’ll be sure to share pictures after the event. Until you can get a great machine, a cheese grater and some elbow grease will do the trick.







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