Many of us are looking for “calm”. In our daily race to get it all done and achieve the very best, our bodies are reminding us to take a break. The fatigue, anxiety is our body’s way of reminding us that rest, even in small amounts, is a daily necessity. How can you find rest during the day?


It is common to hold your breathe throughout the day and not realize it. Lack of or shallow breaths decreases your intake of oxygen and contributes to poor overall circulation.

1. Create reminders for yourself throughout the day.

2. Each time you go to the restroom concentrate on taking slow deep breaths, or

3. Find a watch with a built in reminder, or

4. Before you drink a glass of water


Thanks to technology, there is an app you can download to help you create “calm” anytime. Why not take advantage of what is available right at your fingertips. This app provides meditation, sleep stories, relaxing sounds and breathing exercises. It is also available for the Apple watch.

Essential Oils

Essential oils help provide the aromatic calm that the limbic system in your brain craves. A mild slow deep breath of an essential oil can quickly help you shift from anxious to relaxed. Each person responds differently but there a few oils that are commonly well liked for relaxation.

1. Peace & Calming

2. Lavender

3. Cedarwood


Calm and Relaxation is possible when you want it and need it, day or night.

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